Nation’s Number One Kicker Believes Clemson Is “Building Something Special”

It isn’t often that a school can land the number one player at three different positions.


But with the elevation of Clemson kicker commit BT Potter to the number one kicker spot, along with defensive end commit Xavier Thomas and quarterback commit Trevor Lawrence–Clemson has just that.


“It says a lot, really” said Potter. “They’re going to be building something special here in the next few years.”


While it may sound absurd to say that the Tigers are building something special considering they’re coming off a national title–Clemson’s success has put it in a position to land these top prospects and continue an upward trajectory.


Potter, meanwhile, is looking to continue another upward trajectory of great kickers at Clemson such as Chandler Catanzaro and Greg Huegel.


“Obviously, they’re doing something right in the way that they’re training them to get them to the next level, so that’s definitely a big thing,” Potter said, even mentioning that he models his game after Catanzaro, now the kicker for the Arizona Cardinals.


While the position of kicker certainly brings with it an enormous amount of pressure, Potter says that his mental toughness sets him apart from other kickers in the current class.


“Definitely the mental aspect,” Potter said. “I don’t feel any pressure. I just have to do my thing and everything will work out.”


While he is now the number one kicker in the class, he doesn’t feel any sense of complacency. In fact, he likes having a target on his back.

“I really enjoy that. I have to work every day to stay where I’m at and make sure no one takes it from it,” Potter said.


Potter says he keeps in contact with his main recruiters, Co-Offensive Coordinator Jeff Scott and Assistant Head Coach Danny Pearman, on a regular basis.


Both coaches have high aspirations for the young kicker.


“They tell me to keep doing what I’m doing,” said Potter. “They said if I keep it up, I’ll be competing for the starting job my freshman year.”     



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