2018 Tight End Commit Braden Galloway Says Clemson is Home

It might not make sense to people outside the world of college football, but 60,000 people showing up to a spring game is a big deal–especially for a recruit.


And for Clemson tight end commit Braden Galloway, that was ultimately what sealed the deal.


“The total environment there. Like, 60,000 people at the spring game. That was actually the day I committed,” said Galloway. “I visited with my parents the day after they offered me, because I only stay ten minutes away. After I talked to them about it and they saw it, I basically knew that was where I wanted to be. It’s literally home.”


Galloway, a six-foot-six, 230 pound prospect from Seneca ( Seneca H.S.), says that he feels the Tigers give him the best opportunity to not only be successful at the collegiate level, but in pursuit of an NFL career and even beyond the football field.


“Everything, from the coaching staff, to weight lifting—I feel like that’s going to put me in the best position,” Galloway said. “If I want to play in the NFL, or if I just want to have a life after college football, not playing football anymore, I just feel like they give me the best opportunity.”


Galloway says that he got to talk to former Clemson  tight end Jordan Leggett—who had 46 receptions for 736 yards and seven touchdowns a year ago and recently signed with the New York Jets— and that conversation had an impact in his decision to join the Tigers as well.  


“I know they like to compare me to him. I’m a little bit bigger than he was coming into Clemson,” Galloway said. “The day they offered me I actually got to talk to him. Basically he was saying that if you’re not getting better, it’s your fault because they’re going to put you in the best position. They’re going to work you hard as far as what you eat and going to class and everything.”


Even with the comparisons to Leggett, Galloway sees himself in a different mold entirely.


“I haven’t really put in the thought about who I play like,” Galloway said. “But if there’s someone you could say I look up to and look at their game, I would say Odell (Becham Jr.). Even though it’s two different worlds, it’s just his mentality going about it.”


Galloway is part of a potentially historic 2018 recruiting class for Clemson, with names such as defensive end Xavier Thomas and quarterback Trevor Lawrence headlining it. While the star power is great for fans to talk about, Galloway is more excited about another aspect.


“To everyone else, it’s about the star power, a big recruiting class,” Galloway said. “But we’re like, becoming brothers and getting to know each other. I think that’s the biggest part of it.  But it definitely feels good to be mentioned with guys like Xavier Thomas and Trevor Lawrence, who are five stars. But whenever we’re all together, we’re one unit and we’re all brothers, and that’s what makes it fun and important.”


There was a surprise visitor to the All-In Cookout over the weekend in Tennessee runningback commit Lyn-J Dixon. Even with all of the commitments Clemson already has, Galloway says one of the people he talked to the most at the event was Volunteers’ prospect.


“I didn’t know he was committed to Tennessee at the time. I knew he wasn’t committed because Jake Venables said he wasn’t, but I didn’t know he was committed to Tennessee. So I told him you just need to make a decision, you need to commit bro.”

Even though Dixon took to social media to reaffirm his commitment to the Volunteers, Galloway still thinks the Tigers have a shot–because they are Clemson.


“It’s Clemson. I think they have a shot at anyone, no matter who they’re committed to,” Galloway said.




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