What should Clemson fans’ response to USC’s success be?


The recent run of the South Carolina Gamecocks to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament has created a divide, of sorts, between them and the fans of the school located 133 miles north–Clemson.

For some fans the decision of what their response should be is an easy one–cheer for them because of the good exposure their play has brought to the state.

For others their hatred of anything garnet and black means that they would pull for anyone other than their rival.

I, for one, think that Tiger fans should, and I believe that many Gamecock fans would agree, always pull against your rival.

I understand that there will be a certain sect who believe that it is good for the state, and my question is how?

How does South Carolina’s success in basketball change views of the state?

Do you think that Alabama fans would cheer for Auburn? Do you think that Urban Meyer would wish Michigan good luck (they can’t even call them by their name, calling them simply “The team up north”)? I think not.

But what about the good it can do for the state?

The state of South Carolina gets nothing from either school doing well.

They get no financial benefit. Trust me, no more people are flooding the state of South Carolina because of Clemson’s National Championship victory than they were before it.

Following Coastal Carolina’s victory in last year’s College World Series, the state did not have a huge influx of tourists hoping to visit the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina will be fine.

So if that was your only reason for pulling for the Gamecocks, you are now free to stop.

If you are a Clemson fan, pull for Clemson (note: I said Clemson and not the ACC). If you are a South Carolina fan, pull for South Carolina (not the SEC).

Just as, I am sure, that Clemson fans didn’t care nor did they want the token Gamecock fans jumping on board their journey to a national title, the Gamecock fans don’t need or want the Clemson fans to join in their ride.

The Gamecock fans who changed their avatars for Facebook and Twitter to support Alabama did exactly what rivals should do–pull against your rival.

Because at the end of the day, do you really want to have to listen to the other team gloat about winning for 365 days? I think not.


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