Eight Practices to Go

2016-08-08 09.45.50

The Clemson Tigers return to campus today for meetings ahead of their final eight practices of the spring.

In tomorrow’s paper I will delve into each of these questions in detail, but I wanted to give you a taste of what to expect tomorrow, as I look at the four biggest questions the Tigers have to answer over the final eight practices of the spring.

What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? What is the biggest thing that the Tigers need to answer (outside of the quarterback position) over these final practices?

1: Who will step up at quarterback?

While this may be the most obvious question that many Tiger fans will be looking for answers to, the fact is that the battle over who will be the Tigers’ starting quarterback will, more than likely, drag on into the fall.

But the question of who will step up at quarterback could be phrased, “Who will become a leader?”



2: Will the defense continue to dominate?

The defense, whether the offense likes it or not, will be leaned on, at least through the early part of the season, as the offense looks to break in a new quarterback, starting running back and replacing two wide receivers.


3: Will there be a post-spring break hangover?

Focus is a word that has been used by both players and coaches alike during this spring session, but their focus will be put to the test as the player return from spring break and return to the practice fields.

4: Who will take over the vacated spots on defense?

The defense returns seven of the 11 starters who helped lead the Tigers to their first national championship in 35 years, but the four spots that they lost starters are key positions.







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