Johnson and Huggins Honored In Orangeburg

March 20, 2017 will go down in the records of Orangeburg County history as a day of recognition for two former Orangeburg-Wilkinson football players, as both Jadar Johnson and Albert Huggins were recognized, each with a Resolution of Recognition, for their contributions to the 2016 National Champion Clemson Tigers and “outstanding achievement.”

“First of all, I would like to honor God, none of this would be possible without him. And I want to thank my family. They have been my backbone, my support system ever since I was younger and none of this would be possible without them,” Johnson said.

Johnson, who has also carried a special place in his heart for his hometown, also had some heartfelt words for the city of Orangeburg regarding the resolution.

“I just want to thank the city of Orangeburg, the county of Orangeburg, for having me and Albert out here tonight,” Johnson continued. “This is a wonderful achievement, but it is just the beginning—better things are yet to come.”

Following the presentation of Johnson with his resolution, the County Council turned their attention to the second national champion in the room—Albert Huggins.

According to the Resolution of Recognition Huggins goal in his life, “…was, and still is, to make his parents proud” and to “someday build his parents a house because they have always provided him and gave him their constant love and support.”

Huggins echoed the sentiments of his former teammate, stating that he believed that none of his accomplishments would be possible without God.

“I appreciate this and none of it would be possible without God,” Huggins said. “I’m thankful for all of my family that’s here today to support me. I’m just so thankful.”


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