Tigers to retain Brownell



CLEMSON—The Brad Brownell hot-seat has been cooled for at-least one more season.

Monday morning, following reports that the Tigers had, in some fashion, made contact with Virginia Commonwealth head coach Will Wade regarding a return to Clemson (where he served as a Graduate Assistant and Director of Basketball Operations), the Tigers’ Athletic Director Dan Radakovich issued a statement stating that the university will help him do “all that we can to help him” succeed.

The statement issued by Radakovich was as follows:

“As part of a comprehensive season-ending review and evaluation, I met for several hours with Brad Brownell to review the recently completed season and to look ahead to 2017-2018. Both of us believe strongly that we should have achieved more this season and Brad is candid with his own critique and assessment. As we move forward, I expect Brad to make changes in the program to better position us for success. He continues to represent Clemson University with integrity and class, and we will continue to do all that we can to help him as we expect to achieve consistent success with our men’s basketball program.”

A major role in the descision to retain Brownell, who has three years remaining on his contract, is his extremely high buyout of $3.5 million, however that buyout drops to $3 million after this season.

Brownell 124-103 (56-66 ACC) in his career at Clemson.


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